skill up.
Become a coder in months, not years.
Color Coded Labs finds, trains, and sets people of color up at companies ready to innovate at a greater scale.

The 16-week tech & coding boot camp removes barriers for enrollment and opens doors for placements in great companies that are dedicated to diversity.

Get the training, get the open doors, get the movement up.
Get the talent, get the innovation, get the movement forward.
A coding boot camp
built for you.

Get the necessary training to navigate a global landscape of technology and inclusion in a program by and for the people of color.

Dive into the world of tech to get more open doors.
Keep your coding muscles toned and up to date.
Stack another skill to level up your career path.
Curriculum for what’s needed, right now.

We make sure we have the most relevant training for the job marketplace so our graduates get the jobs.

Pay when you land the job.

The average starting salary for new tech talent is $50k/yr. You don't start paying tuition until you're at the job. All you need right now is a $100 down payment.

This bootcamp will change my life and career and I cant wait to get started. Its imporatant to have a program built for someone like me.

Jahsir Robinson

I have always wanted to break into tech. The opportunity to learn a new skill and earn a sustainable living will not only impact me but my family for generations to come.

Tanisha arnold
One-to-One Mentor Connections

Get connected to someone who you can tap when you need help, guidance, and advice during and after your course.


Learn to code. Land a new career in months, not years.