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What we provide.
Flexible Schedules

Choose between in-person and on-your-own-pace training.

Soft Skill Development

Learn how to build effective teams, solve problems, and more.

Job Placement

Find great job oppurtunities after graduation.


Get the support and mentorship you need on your learning journey.


Get a new laptop to help you with your coursework


Access co-working spaces during the course.

Upskill for your new career.

Learn at your pace at home while staying accountable with your cohort during our in-person sessions.

Diverse is innovative.

Lack of diversity isn't a superficial problem in the tech industry. Companies that want to create truly inclusive product need diverse talent.

Whether it's a coding, design, or even a sales-related role, the demand for talented people of color in tech is higher than ever.

Flexible payment options.

Get the skills you need to launch your new career without worrying about tuition.

With the help of the Income Share Agreement (ISA) offered through Ohio To Work, job seekers in need of financial support can enroll in and complete high-quality training.

Learn more about the ISA and find out if you’re eligible for this unique funding option.

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