Tech Sales
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A non-technical course to get into the growing market of Software as a Service (SAAS) Sales. Learn prospecting, tools, and sales tactics.
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Help companies scale through proven sales techniques.

We built our curriculum as an online project-based course to ensure you can apply the skills in various scenarios.

4 months to complete
Self-paced online course work
Weekly in-person sessions
Mentors both online and in-person

This bootcamp will change my life and career and I cant wait to get started. Its imporatant to have a program built for someone like me.

Jahsir Robinson

I have always wanted to break into tech. The opportunity to learn a new skill and earn a sustainable living will not only impact me but my family for generations to come.

Tanisha arnold
Course coming soon
Tech Sales Curriculum
Our online and in-person course structure.
Course 1
Inbound Qualification
Course 2
Outbound Prospecting
Course 3
Modern Sales Tools
Course 4
Solution Selling
Course 5
Landing Your Dream Job
Your choice of payment plans
Full $12,000 tuition upfront
$99 upfront cost with an ISA
Course coming soon
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